Why Use SAP Software?

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Why Use SAP

SAP software was launched in 1972 by five German IBM employees. Their basic premise was to create a software program to process data whenever a user wants access. SAP stands for “Systeme, Anwendungen, Produke”, which translates to “Systems, Applications, and Products”. SAP is a software program that can manage a corporation or business as a whole, across different departments.

Why use SAP software?

SAP software offers business a platform in the form of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to manage their separate databases that run their company. It was first marketed to small business owners as a way to offer a single user a method of accounting that will integrate management assets, costs, production, operations, personnel, and financial spreadsheets. Initially, the SAP program was meant to provide companies the ability to work from a shared database, company-wide. It has since evolved to replace all company spreadsheets with a single user accounting package within the business management system of the firm.

  • The main reason to use SAP for your company is that it will mean better accuracy in information
  • Another reason your business should use SAP is that it now includes a complete internet packages that your company can use with new e-business platforms
  • The newer SAP programs run in a way that utilizes a model called client/server which includes thorough internet ready packages
  • SAP business apps work as a chain management system
  • Offers customer relationship management options.


Once you see the ways that SAP software can provide effective business management for your business, whether large or small, you will be sold. Integrating all departments of your business with an effective tool like SAP, will benefit your company by its dependability and can be customized to your own specific business needs.

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3 Responses to "Why Use SAP Software?"
  1. jaweeed says:

    for a better handling of business

  2. raghav says:

    SAP is a predefined software built on a common platform
    Real time integration
    Parallel Accounting

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