What is SAP Software?

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What is SAP, what does SAP stand for, what does SAP mean

SAP software was first launched by five (5) former employees of IBM in Germany servicing one customer in 1972. Those pioneers have a vision of software that will process data whenever a user and/or customer want to. Worldwide, it is considered as one of the largest inter-enterprise software company and independent software supplier.

What Does SAP Stand For?

Originally, SAP stands for “Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte” in German. If you translate it to English, it is “Systems, Applications and Products”.

What Does It Mean?

SAP software is an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system. It is a kind of software that can manage a whole organization with various departments.

At first, the idea was to offer customers capability to work with a shared corporate database for wide-ranging applications. Little by little, the applications have grown in numbers and have been set up by a number of corporations, particularly Microsoft and IBM, which are also using SAP products to manage their very own firms.

SAP is ERP software that is effectively integrated. It is a front-runner with regard to easy integration among the departments of a company. It also offers particular solutions in certain industries other than its basic SAP modules.

SAP applications allow business to manage asset, cost, and financial accounting, production operations, materials, plants, personnel, and archived documents. The latest system runs on different platforms, utilizes a model called client/server, and includes a complete Internet-ready package with new e-business apps like supply chain management and customer relationship management.


SAP software is considered as one of the top ERP systems today. It is best known for easy integration of its modules. Also, it offers the best business solution whatever kind of industry you are in as it can service your company’s particular needs. Whether you are a small organization or a multinational company, SAP is a dependable and arguably the best ERP system.

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