Reasons to Use SAP Business Workflow Engine in Your Company

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SAP Business Workflow Engine

SAP is by far one of the best ERP systems available on the market at the moment and this is the reason why so many companies choose it over its competitors. However, there are still many organizations that choose to use a different workflow engine than the one offered by SAP, even though it would be one of the best solutions they could opt for. These are the main reasons why companies should consider using the SAP Business Workflow Engine:

System of Record

Considering that SAP is your system of record, it would make sense to use the same software for processing, posting and approving documents. When your company is using something different, employees constantly need to shift between systems and synchronize them with SAP, which results in a time loss that can definitely be avoided.

No More Duplicate Backups

Because your SAP is backed up regularly, when you add external software, all tasks will be duplicated which may result in various errors in time. These problems will not exist if the workflow engine used belongs to SAP as well.

You Don’t Pay Twice

If you are a SAP ERP user, you will not have to pay for SAP Business Workflow Engine, as you basically already own it and therefore you can use it as much as you want to. If you choose to buy a different Workflow engine, you will need to pay for a second license and thus the company costs will increase exponentially.

Ease of use

All companies need to invest in training the first time they implement a new system. Since your employees already know how to use SAP, they will have no problems integrating the SAP Workflow engine into their daily working routine. When you implement another system, you will have to spend time teaching your employees how to use it properly and expect certain mistakes to be made for a while.


Whenever you use different software together, you risk encountering some technical errors. They usually appear when trying to sync the two programs together. In addition, whenever one gets updated, you will always encounter various problems along the way.

Low Ownership Costs

If you stop to consider everything that new software implies, you will realize that there are more costs than just the licensing ones. You need to invest in additional hardware, storage solutions and even operations resources. By using the hardware you already own, you will save considerable resources and manage to invest in something else your company might need.

By using SAP applications and SAP systems, you will be able to use the entire SAP resources to your advantage and thus successfully manage key business processes such as Accounts Payable and Receivable, Human Resources, Order Management and others. Why complicate things with a second program, when you have everything you need in your SAP? Many times, the easiest solution is the best and in this case, it will prove to be very useful for your company and your employees will require considerably less time to understand how to use it. These are the most important reasons for choosing SAP Business Workflow Engine.

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  1. Ricky Gilbreath says:

    These problems will not exist if the workflow engine used belongs to SAP as well. Thanks for sharing this.

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