SAP HANA: Is It the Most Innovative SAP Product of the Last Decade?

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In the era of big data, SAP HANA, which is the acronym for High-Performance Analytic Appliance, is perhaps the most advanced cutting-edge analytical tool on the market. The features are truly unique, as there are few other tools that can process database management and analysis in such an efficient manner. The HANA built by SAP is designed to handle both complex database query processes, and rapid transaction rates within the same platform, and it is speed and accuracy of the processing that is really impressive.

Technology is now responsible for generating an unprecedented amount of data. This data can actually be a goldmine, if proper use is made of it. One of the problems that has arisen with the proliferation of data, is that, the speed at which the data is generated, far exceeds that of other processing speeds, and in order to extract value from data in order to make better decisions, faster analytical methods become necessary, and SAP HANA enters as a totally appropriate solution.

Analytics are quickly becoming one of  the primary tools for predicting and improving the performance of businesses, and HANA can not only help with analysis, but can also be used with forecasting and making adjustments for more efficient use of resources. The application is seen as a next-generation tool that revolutionizes the manner in which data is analyzed. Analysis and transactions and other operations that require extensive use of resources are processed in-memory, and no data-extraction is needed. They are done on the same platform, and reporting can also be done in real-time.

SAP HANA provides a tremendous competitive edge, as the most current data analysis is made available for faster decisions, and the use of HANA is supported by professionals  certified by SAP. HANA can improve your business operations in a number of ways that include:

  • Facilitates better judgement for improved efficiencies
  • Providing data analysis in real-time
  • Cost reduction with faster business processing
  • Faster reactions for improved  customer service

The innovative analytics solution from SAP is the first of its kind to integrate analytics transactions processing in the same platform, and it the distribution and presentation that sets it apart. Real-time information, including query responses can be distributed to users at anytime and anywhere, and it can be received on any device.

SAP HANA can be installed on-site, or it can be accessed in the cloud. The infrastructure, including network, servers, and storage facility is usually pre-tuned or certified for serving the software, which relies heavily on the   well-designed SAP HANA database. This database is designed like no other relational engine on the market.

The software engineers at SAP employ massive parallel data processing that handles rows, columns and objects without the need for extraction, as it is done in-memory.  HANA addresses the need for real-time reporting, with the efficient handling of extensive data sets of different types and from different sources, with the interactive return of responses in real time, and it is done without pre-preparation of data.

HANA: Applied Analytics

HANA specializes in the following real-time reporting

  • Master data reporting
  • Sales reports
  • Financial reports
  • Operations reporting
  • Shipping reports
  • Purchasing reports

Current users of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse can easily migrate to HANA for supercharged data warehousing performance, as loads calculations and queries are processed up to 100 times faster, due to the massive parallel processing capability of the software. The drastically simplified Information processing  landscape leads to dramatic waste reduction and greater operational efficiencies and much faster decision making.

Predictive analytics is no longer used just by statisticians or mathematicians, and its use is very likely to become mainstream in more progressive institutions. This is one of the areas where HANA  excels. Using the power of inherent Regression analysis, and predictive alogrithms of the in-memory database, HANA can quickly return responses to text search queries, by analysis of data that is unstructured.

HANA’s unique design is innovative and very powerful. All operations are processed on the database which resides in-memory, and there is no need for data-transfer. The elimination of manual input results in amazing speeds and reduced operational costs. There may be competitive database engines that claim to provide some of the benefits of SAP HANA, however HANA, should be tried to evaluate the ability to provide all of the stated benefits.

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