SAP IDES Dedicated Server

SAP IDES Dedicated Server

Order a dedicated SAP IDES system of your choice with full access to ABAP and BASIS transactions

Dedicated SAP System

Get a dedicated SAP IDES system that is isolated from other customers. Protect your ABAP code and customizing.

Unrestricted Access

Full access to all SAP transactions including BASIS and ABAP development transactions with developer keys (SAP_ALL).

Excellent Performance

Dedicated SAP IDES servers run on powerful hardware of new generation that is not available for the shared SAP IDES systems.

Certified AWS Cloud

Dedicated SAP servers are hosted in AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud that was certified by SAP for running business applications.

Fast Setup

Keep your project on track. New SAP servers are setup and configured as fast as 2 days including weekends.


Remote SAP BASIS support is included. Focus on your project while we make sure that the systems are running smoothly.

Availability and Pricing

Due to SAP licensing conditions, dedicated SAP IDES servers are available ONLY to companies. If you are an individual, then please order a subscription to one of shared SAP IDES systems.

Pricing for dedicated SAP IDES servers depends on many factors and needs to be calculated based on requirements of your business. If your company already has existing SAP licenses or a status of an SAP partner, price of a dedicated server starts from $549 per month. If your company does not have any existing SAP licenses and is not an SAP partner, please contact us for a consultation.