SAP IDES Access [Dedicated Server]

Here you can create a subscription for accessing various dedicated SAP IDES servers. For signing up, you need to select the SAP system that you would like to access, choose the billing period, and hit Sign Up Now button. After signing up, you will be able to access one of our powerful SAP servers connected to the Internet via high-speed channels. Dedicated SAP servers come with pre-installed IDES packages. Dedicated SAP IDES servers are perfect for any purpose (for example, for SAP training, testing or self-study) when you need an environment isolated from other customers.


What Is SAP IDES and What Does 'Dedicated Server' Means?

Our company offers remote access to various SAP servers for different purposes (training, testing, self-study, and so on). It is difficult to set up an SAP system at home because the installation requires (1) a powerful server, (2) expensive software licences, and (3) solid technical expertise in SAP Basis. For this reason, we set up several SAP systems and made them available to everybody through the Internet. Our SAP servers were set up by professionals and offer an off-the-shelf solution for everyone who needs a readily available SAP system. SAP Remote Access service is offered as a subscription with different billing periods (monthly or yearly).

All the SAP systems come with the IDES package (SAP IDES) that includes master data and business scenarios that represent a hypothetical company. SAP IDES is important because all standard SAP training courses are built around the data and customizing from SAP IDES. For this reason, if you want to do the practical exercises from any SAP training course, an access to SAP remote server with IDES SAP is required.

At this page you can create a subscription for accessing one of our SAP servers that will be dedicated to you only. It means that no other customers will be allowed to access this server. The benefit of creating a subscription to a dedicated server is that your data will be protected from our other subscribers and you will never face situations when documents, master data or settings created by you are accidentally changed by other people. Also, you will receive ten (10) user accounts and two (2) developer keys. You will also be able to create more user accounts yourself but performance of the system is only good for ten users working in the system at the same time. With the developer keys, you will be able to create new or modify existing SAP ABAP programs.

What Will Happen After the Purchase?

Let us briefly describe what you should expect after subscribing for a dedicated client in our SAP systems.

Installation of SAP GUI

Immediately after successful payment you will receive several emails. One of them will contain links for downloading SAP GUI software with detailed user manuals that explain how to install and configure it on your computer. Another email will have your username and password for accessing the private area of our website.

Accounts in SAP System

As soon as you pay for your order, our technical team will shortly set up a dedicated SAP server. You will receive usernames with passwords and developer keys for your subscription within 24 hours from the time of purchase. The subscription period will be counted from the moment when you receive login credentials for your accounts in SAP.

All Done!

This is all! You are welcome to login into your dedicated SAP server and start using it. The purchase process is easy and fast. We provide you with accounts and developer keys within 24 hours from the time of payment.