SAP HANA Access [Dedicated]

Here you can create a subscription for accessing dedicated SAP HANA servers. For signing up, you need to select the billing period, and hit Sign Up Now button. After signing up, you will be able to access one of our powerful SAP servers connected to the Internet via high-speed network. All dedicated SAP HANA servers come with SAP HANA Studio. Dedicated SAP HANA servers are perfect for situations when you need an isolated environment (for example, for SAP training or testing).


What Is SAP HANA and What Does 'Dedicated' Means?

Our company offers remote access to various SAP HANA servers for different purposes (training, testing, self-study, and so on). It is difficult to set up an SAP HANA system at home because the installation requires (1) a powerful server, (2) expensive software licences, and (3) solid technical expertise in SAP Basis. For this reason, we set up several SAP HANA systems and made them available to everybody through the Internet. Our SAP servers were set up by professionals and offer an off-the-shelf solution for everyone who needs a readily available SAP HANA system. SAP Remote Access service is offered as a subscription with different billing periods (monthly or yearly).

SAP HANA database comes with SAP HANA Studio that provide integrated development environment (IDE) for developing artifacts in SAP HANA server.

It is important to understand that SAP HANA servers offered at this page are dedicated to individual customers. It means that no one except you will have access to this server. Therefore, the cost of subscriptions is higher than for shared SAP HANA systems. You can be sure that the master data or settings created by you will NOT be accidentally changed by other people. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, please consider choosing a subscription to a shared SAP HANA system (less expensive).