What is SAP IDES?

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What is SAP IDES

SAP is a very demanding career option. SAP careers are in demand worldwide irrespective of the SAP module. Each and every module of SAP has equally good prospects.

The most common question is “How can I kick off my career as SAP Consultant in this competitive world, is it sufficient if I just browse over SAP training books?” Unexpectedly, the most typical answer you would hear from many experienced SAP consultants is “Of course, the theoretical concepts, however, in SAP handbooks can only take you so far. You should practice the concepts through the exercises given at the end of each chapter. Use SAP IDES, perform all exercise and get hands-on SAP skills”. So, this response puts almost everyone into a dilemma on what IDES means and how to get access to it. Naturally, they want to understand the in and out of IDES before they actually perform all the exercises using it. These aspects bring us to this article.

IDES stands for Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System. IDES system comprises of the data of the IDES model company, and SAP manages IDES system. IDES covers all areas like Logistics, Financials, and Human Resources. It lets you understand how the R/3 system can support practically all types of industries. It is different from regular SAP system in the sense that it can only be used for demo or evaluation purposes. It can no way be used as a production system.

A snapshot of an IDES system is given below:


There are many purposes for which IDES is being used. One of the main applications of IDES is for SAP training. Also as it is clear from the discussion so far, IDES has sample business data that is used for official training and can also be used for self-study of SAP. Simply put, almost all the exercises used by SAP for the training programs use IDES. You can get hands-on by practically performing many of the SAP functions in the IDES system.

Hence, the first step towards practicing SAP is therefore to get access to IDES. There are many companies which provide online access to SAP IDES.  For instance, a SAP IDES system is owned by Ivobe, a SAP Services Partner. Please follow the link given below to request for a free trial of online access to IDES: http://www.ivobe.com/free-trial/

Also, new releases happen periodically for IDES. However, you cannot upgrade your existing IDES version to the latest release. But, if you want to make sure that you get new data, be it master data or transaction data, you have to install service packages for the corresponding release. Refer to the SAP Note 799639 (IDES – General Information about the usage of IDES systems) for an overview of IDES releases.

In short, in this article, we have clearly talked about what is SAP IDES, why SAP IDES is used and how to get access to it.

Image courtesy of Maria T. on Flickr.

7 Responses to "What is SAP IDES?"
  1. Frank says:

    SAP IDES systems are also often used for testing and demonstration purposes.

  2. rik says:

    Should I be able, create palnts and assighn storage to it? I got some error

    • Patrick says:

      I think you got an authorization error because you had a free trial account. If you get a paid subscription, you will be able to create plants and assign storage locations to them.

  3. Syed says:

    Why to chose IVOBE while there are some free websites too?
    I believe, or may be I am wrong

  4. Rabish says:

    Need ides for training

  5. Niaz Khan says:

    I want to learn SAP FI or MM module as end user job in an international steel manufacturing company. Is IDES exercise cover it or it different from real work.

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