Benefits of SAP Managed Hosting

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SAP Managed Hosting

Let’s start with a general introduction to SAP, part of the ERP software family. SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. It’s an ERP software, the largest ERP software on the market. SAP made our software so any company can use it and customize it to their particular needs.  SAP is a software that every department can update information on in real time. Such as when a store is out of a certain product. They update the software and the Inventory department can check if they have the right product. If Inventory doesn’t have the right product they update the software which Manufacturing checks the SAP and makes the product for Inventory. When manufacturing makes the product they tell the software and Inventory checks it. Inventory sends it to Sales who sells it to the customer. After the sale, Sales updates SAP and Finance who checks the software puts the right amount into everybody’s paycheck.  Think of a business that doesn’t have real time software. This all would take so much time the customer would have already left. Providing only customer dissatisfaction and a loss of profit. 

SAP uses a Three Tiered Architecture. From your desktop, laptop, or mobile device you can access the “middle tier” which allows you to put in information and see information from multiple devices that you own instead of having all of your companies information on one computer. The middle tier will access the database to store new data and show data to you that you need. You can increase the number of tiers as your business grows.

Think about your business. It most likely has numerous departments or business units. These departments constantly have to work together to get products to the customer and make a profit. The heart and soul of your company depend on making efficient communication constantly. SAP updates everything in real time so when one department puts in information another department can receive information right away.

So now the question becomes why should your company use SAP? Every company can use it even though it is a complex software it is easy to use. SAP covers every part of running a business including HR, production planning, and inventory. SAP is highly customizable. If anything ever happens to a business’s computers it can be recovered and backed up.

There is no data duplication. Every department updates the ERP regularly, and other departments can check the central database. The shops also update when they need workers. Since HR will know in real time when the shops start to need help they have lots of time to find the best people for the jobs. This causes labor costs to go down. The Inventory updates when they get a shipment and the Finance department sees this in real time, so payments to the vendors are on time. Since payments are always on time so legal action is avoided.

Which SAP should your business use? Either way, the availability and the twenty four hours per day seven days a week support are put to the greatest usage for your needs. One choice that is good for companies that want to grow from a mid-size corporation to a large business is SAP managed hosting. It is practical and capable and is great to use when your company has compliance requirements. The second choice for larger companies is the custom SAP managed hosting. Even the most ambitious and difficult performance necessities are conquered.

Here is a great example of how a company like Porsche can use SAP to maximize profits. Using SAP, Porsche is able to use the same assembly line to make two different kinds of cars. This helps Porsche promote efficiency and saves them money of building a completely new line of machines.

When SAP first developed this amazing business software we had a conviction that requires us to put our full effort in and treat every customer like our first. We carry with us that same conviction today. When you use our software you can be assured that our expertise will help you with not only your hosting needs, but for your comprehensive SAP investment. With over forty years of experience helping businesses all over the world maximize their profits let SAP help you with yours.

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