Cloud Fundamentals on SAP Hosting

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Cloud Fundamentals

Different departments mean different software? Using a software suggests having it running on a server and deploy the IT team to maintain it? Who is responsible for the updates? And what about the back up when an update is installed? What is the latest version of a data set where different teams had been working throughout  past  few weeks? What to do to avoid conflicting data? How to facilitate a merger or a company acquisition from the IT point of view?

All these questions that your business faces daily can be put a side thanks to cloud technologies. Let’s have a closer look to its advantages:

1. Operational agility:

What is the main the drawback when the moment arrives to pursue new business ideas, innovation and constant experimentation for big corporations and small startups? The simple answer is: the lack of time and money. With the modern availability of on-demand cloud resources, new configurations and setups can be up and running within hours or minutes, so that helps reduce the constant time trouble. Users will only be charged for that amount of time they spent on a cloud, that helps keep a budget right. All the IT efforts: hardware and software, and subsequent support  are arranged by your cloud  provider. This way CIOs and CTOs can provide the strategic guidance towards the latest technology advancements  instead of being tied up overseeing the in-house IT maintenance. Note that, according to Forbes „statistics regularly show that up to 80% of IT budgets are tied up in routine maintenance“.

2. Improvement of your workflow, flexibility and your work-life balance in a company:

Not only for CIOs or CTOs the cloud is the perfect solution, also for the rest of the teams cloud is a perfect way to increase collaboration among their members:  everyone  can access, edit and share documents anytime from anywhere. Cloud-based apps will help them to have the perfect overview of any changes applied to a document or data set. Before the cloud era, employees had to send data per email that often resulted in a jungle of conflicting data, information, updates, versions, etc.

Furthermore this flexibility can help employees to find a work-life balance that suits them most by virtue of access to the cloud from any device anywhere and anytime.

3. Disaster recovery & automatic software updates:

Servers are not longer part of in-house IT infrastructure, therefore their maintenance is not another time consuming duty (certainly quite a big problem for smaller business that lack specialised IT expertise). Hence, cloud can provide 24/7 assistance.

4. Security:

All data is stored on  the cloud, that means that the lost of an expensive piece of equipment with sensitive information in it is not a problem anymore. For example, you can wipe your business-sensitive data from lost laptops to avoid data falling onto wrong hands.

5. Flexibility on the subscription:

Usually one of the big inconvenience of in-house IT is the high cost of hardware. Given a subscription rather than a licensing contracts.Cloud provides flexibility for what and how much you use a service.

6. Corporate sustainability:

Moving your business to the cloud is completely environmentally friendly: you only use the energy you need reducing energy expenses, waste expenses, materials and water expenses, and as we saw above it helps to increase employee productivity, and reduce strategic and operational risks.

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