SAP System Copy

How to Do SAP System Copy? – A Step-by-Step Guide

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An SAP system copy is one thing a SAP Basis administrator will undoubtedly be asked to do. It is common for companies to want their SAP test system to look like their production system and thus, will require a copy of SAP system. It may even be on a regular basis (i.e. quarterly). It is […]

SAP Hosting

SAP Hosting: Private vs Public vs Hybrid Approaches

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Private hosting for your SAP systems may a bit more expensive, but the question often asked, is if the costs are worthwhile, when against the benefits are compared to those offered with public hosting, or even if an alternative that combines the two in a hybrid approach may be more appropriate. One of the benefits of […]

SAP Backup

SAP Backup: Top 3 Backup Strategies for Your SAP System

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It may be easy to believe and even to be convinced, that with the use of solid Enterprise applications such as those offered by SAP, that process control may be optimized to the point where other essential services such back-up can be minimized. This may be further from the truth than imagined. Data backup is […]

SAP Managed Hosting

Benefits of SAP Managed Hosting

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Let’s start with a general introduction to SAP, part of the ERP software family. SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. It’s an ERP software, the largest ERP software on the market. SAP made our software so any company can use it and customize it to their particular needs.  SAP is a […]

SAP Cloud Computing

SAP Cloud Computing – Future of SAP?

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Everyone knows what the cloud is. Everyone uses it as well, from every day consumers to Fortune 100 companies. For good reason, it allows employees to interconnect with each other in real time. The cloud is revered to almost in a god like way in conversation. It allows you to save data onto it then […]

SAP Hosting Services

SAP Hosting Services

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SAP is a ERP program where different departments can update information. The software allows other departments can see the information in real time. This helps a great deal in an all around increase in efficiency. An increase in efficiency means more time and money to spend on your business, making it bigger and more profitable. […]

SAP Products

SAP Products – The Perfect Combination of Technology and Innovation

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SAP is the most reputable and largest inter-enterprise application provider, and all their services are software and software-related products. The popularity of this company has been increasingly growing, and nowadays it is considered the world’s fourth-largest independent software supplier. SAP is the abbreviation from “Systems Applications and Products”, even if in the beginning the company’s […]

SAP Solutions

How SAP Solutions Can Drive Performance in Organizations?

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Although it made an entrance in the business world in the 1970s, SAP software has never been more relevant than today, when the barriers between business and technology are starting to fade. Companies like Cyrus Logistics and South Stars were some of the first to incorporate the Enterprise Resource Planning solutions brought forward by SAP, […]